Me, Myself, & I

I know I have a profile page, but it is very limited. In a simple page, I can create a more fun and customized page know it! Me! =)

So who am I?

As a person:
I am a lover of God, first and foremost, and I aspire to be the very best person I can be with Him as my leader. I live to fulfill a purpose that He has designed me to fulfill (based on Jeremiah 29:11) and each and every day is a new adventure, ones filled with new people and events. I love my life, despite all of the heartache and pain I have encountered as a very young person. I don't share all of my life story with the world, but I know that it is God's purpose for me to be a living testimony for anyone else to recognize as a sign of His miraculous power. Some of the things I have endured throughout my life are things that most adults never have had to encounter, and, therefore, the strength in me, freely given by the grace of God, has enabled me to become so much more than the world expects of me. I live with this purpose in my heart to help and encourage others to be uplifted and recognize the higher power that exists--to acquire His godly strength, and fulfill a purpose their lives as well. It is my deepest and most sincere prayer that I can be used as a vessel to bring others up to a place in Him that empowers them with His word, His might, and most of all, His love.

(This is still a CONSTRUCTION zone... =0} )
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