Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Simply Bellezza is Simply for You!

I just wanted to make a little bloggy about some of the things that I found fun in Seattle the other day...even though I only live about 15 miles away, it takes an hour to get there by ferry...not to mention the cost of travel and such, so when I go, I find it to be such a fun adventure. I dream of the days that I can finally live in my own beautiful apartment in downtown ...in a big city...like Seattle or NYC...maybe even exotic place in Europe...who knows? I will leave it up to the Lord to determine where I am to go.... =D

So being in a city where there are so many different kinds of people everywhere, sometimes you encounter fun styles that you would probably never dare to wear...I wanted to show you all a fun outfit sported by this stylish fashionista...Isn't she cute? The bold and bright colors mixed with the funky pink cheetah print leggings? So much fun! I wish my wardrobe could be this fun!

I get complimented a lot by friends and family about how I dress...I tend to dress more of a city chic style--but I don't wear a lot of colors anymore! I feel so drab =( I cannot wait until I can get the rest of my clothing out of storage (yes, most of my clothes are there because I don't have room for them where I am currently staying...)

Sooooo when this year started, I wanted to take a chance and try some fun, funky, fresh changes--and I think clothing is a great way to begin to feel refreshed! Right now, although I cannot afford to shop for the clothes I would love to get, I can still do my mental shopping and piece some things together.

At 10-years-old, I had started to look at celebrities and their ever-changing clothing styles and think to myself, "Wouldn't it be so much fun to be able to design some of their clothing?" So I made little pictures and cut out photos from magazines of styles and fun outfits that expressed my particular taste and style. Of course looking back at my 10-year old vision, I am thankful that some of those ideas never became reality--in fact, being influenced by a 17-year-old Britney Spears in her tube tops and faux-leather pants hardly calls for a reason to rush to the sewing machine to piece together these "threads"... But, looking at some of the newer designs I've created or envisioned, I think that I could potentially make some of these 'visionary threads' a reality... I filmed a video almost (!?!) a year ago (whoooa...I've been an active YouTuber for nine months already? What a gestation of creativity! ha ha ha) which involved me showing you viewers an old 80's style dress, and what I had in mind to completely revamp it...so did I do it yet? No...but I still have the dress and I still plan to do it. Here's the video for your viewing pleasure:

So, eventually with Simply Bellezza, I want to incorporate my own fashion line where I use a "Green" idea of restyling clothing to be more modern and fresh...as well as providing makeup services for any occasion and event, and fashion photography. I am also an entrepreneur and creator of fashion accessories and jewelry--but I haven't begun to make them yet this year. I am severely behind on creating the hair clips and other spring and summer accessories that I may not even begin to produce them until the fall. (What I find most helpful is to create the items in the off-season and accumulate them for when it is season to sell them...)

I want to be my own boss, set my own schedules, and be the best I can be at everything I do...Simply Bellezza is my dream to accomplish and I will achieve this...in God's time. =)

So for now, my chickadees, I am going to leave you with some inspired style from other amazing designers...

I could post thousands of pictures to this blog, but you can see the styles--the edgy, glamorous, classy, whimsical, and daring fashion "threads" I've grown to love. Perhaps someday I will get to design my own styles, but for now, I will continue drawing and growing Simply Bellezza... Speaking of Simply Bellezza, have you checked out my new website? If you haven't, go take my weekly poll! www.simplybellezza.com

So now I leave you, my dear blog fashionistas, with dreams and fun twinkles to your day,

Twinkling, whimsical dresses and shoes,


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