Thursday, May 26, 2011

Life Since April..."Praise Report"

More plans! I am creating a new blog soon...and a new YouTube channel. I've decided that since my interests are so varied and I want to create insights to everything, I really, really need to separate them. This particular blog is one that I want to use for God's glory...and not for anything else. I'm going to start posting all other postings (such as beauty and etc.) to the new blog. I haven't created the blog yet, but will be doing so in due time. As far as my YouTube channel, I am going to dedicate my current channel to vlog-type postings, and the new channel will be an "Interests" channel--dedicated to all areas of life that I am interested in, such as cooking, makeup, and the like.

At the present time, I've been taking time away from the internet to rearrange my priorities. I do not have internet at home and haven't had it in almost a year (hard to believe, right?! haha) so, this week (eventually) I will have internet services again...which I am incredibly excited for! I will be able to devote more time to my social media to keep you guys updated on my plans, etc., with more frequent postings and uploads... =D

So, my life since April has changed for the best....So here's the PRAISE REPORT:

 I have moved again--permanently this time! Praise God! I have a new job and therefore, much of my attention has been averted to that. What job, you inquire? I am a live-in nanny...

No, it's not that glamorous or anything...It so happened that a friend from church needed a part-time nanny and roommate, and it fit my needs perfectly too, so we've worked it out that I have a permanent home and job and she has a nanny and roommate to help her out as well...  I will soon be paid for my services starting next month, and I've been giving private computer lessons to one of my new friends...and new income opportunities are opening as I go along, which alone is amazing!

This part of the blog feels so odd to write as I never reveal much private information like this to people, but in a way, I feel I must share this with you to glorify God...I feel so great since I am slowly getting my life back on track financially. I went through all of my bills this past week and added up my total debts--and found out that I will be able to take care of $10,000 of medical bills in one big swoop since there was a huge billing error from the hospital. They never billed my insurance properly! Praise God that this will work itself out! I do not wish to share any other finances with you, but know that I have given it to God. It's amazing how things work out when you name the seeds. Endurance pays off! I am very private when it comes to my finances and income, even to family and close friends. At church, I rarely put my name on my tithe envelopes because I do not wish for others to know my financial circumstances. In prayer, I ask only for others to pray for a special circumstance or for financial restoration...nothing more. Even more recently I find the need to keep my affairs private more necessary since I have learned recently that someone has been sharing private information about me with people whom I do not know well or not at all. It was very heartbreaking and eye-opening. In my blog, I write about miracles and spiritual inspirations...but I will start calling these personal blog postings "My Praise Report" since it will make it easier for everyone to know what I'm writing about.

In other news, I will be heading out of town next month to attend my brother's wedding...which I am so incredibly excited for! I get a new sister and get to see the family that I haven't seen in almost a year or more...I have changed so much since they last saw me, so it's going to be interesting to see how they see me. In sociology, there is a term called the "looking glass self" and so, in a weird way, this will be a social psychology study...or more of a social anthropological & biological psychology study as I will be part of the "experiment" ha ha ha ha ha

Charles Horton Cooley will be so proud of me. =D

Anyway, I hope your day is as sunny and nice as mine!

Cups of Sunshine Java and encouragement,


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