Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012: A Year to Love

It's that time of year again...time for reflections and for life-style changes...right?! Well, instead of going on and on about my new goals and ambitions, (which I do have a video series on)  I will simply write a list of reflections from this year for this post, and the next post will have the 2013 hopes and dreams (that way this post isn't too incredibly long)

Warning: this will be very random and here we go:


Lost and maintained a 30-pound weight loss
President's List/Dean's List at school (3.5 GPA or higher)
Got my first brand new smartphone
Read Anna Karenina and added it to my favorites list
Went to see a movie by myself for the first time--I went and saw Prometheus
Had my first accidental 'viral' YouTube video
My first completely editorial photo shoot working as a visual consultant AND makeup artist
Became YouTube partner
Defied my fear of rejection and took a huge personal risk with someone
Planned, purchased, and executed my second annual Christmas Beauty Giveaway--this year, prizes totaled over $500
Received my first sponsorship/free makeup for review offer from a brand that I love
Re-engaged my passion for politics and feminism
Participated in my first real protest: SlutWalk, Seattle
Cried for joy that many of my friends are now able to legally marry their long-time partners when Washington State approved gay marriage
Yelled out an obscenity to a driver who splashed me with water while carelessly driving off the side of the road, talking on his cell phone
Made a new friend who inspires me to live life without vicariousness.
Met a friend who may become my new BFF.
Uprooted myself from an otherwise comfortable life to move into the "big" city of Seattle
Lived off of faith, hope, and dreams when all seemed to be collapsing around me
Started working full-time outside of SB
Visited family in Bellingham, a place I rarely visit anymore
Turned 23-years-old and had an amazing birthday celebration with my family
Realized how much I truly love cupcakes
Stopped eating beef
Realized that my soy allergy isn't as extreme as once thought
Went weeks as a vegetarian without realizing it
New favorite food: peanut butter and bananas
Favorite music: Ellie Goulding, Lana del Rey, Melody Gardot
Saw American Idiot on Broadway with one of my besties
For the first time in years, did not attempt to harm myself physically
Maintained a diary for the 8th consecutive year
Had my heart not get broken by a jerk
Had the worst date of my life with the creepy " 'your' really beautiful" guy
Went on my first and most-likely-to-be last blind date
Started jogging
Stopped renting a storage unit
Finally have a strong and exact vision for SB--business plan in the works
Earned my first college degree
Hosted a fun Thanksgiving dinner and cooked almost everything completely from scratch
Made my first raw/vegan dessert, which was met with approval from a vegan
Went to six Halloween events this year
Wrote some amazing songs
Uploaded my first singing video for the world to see
Let go of a painful memory
Had my first energy drink ever (EVER!)
Met someone who I foresee as being my next love

And that's all I can think of right now. Overall, I think this has been a fabulous year. Yes, there were a lot of uncertainties and scary moments when I didn't think that I could make it through, but my faith grew stronger with every step that God lead me through. As I always like to think, we become closer to being a pure diamond with all the extra pressure; purer gold when all the impurities are burned from us.

I hope that this is inspiring. I chose to focus on mostly the good as that's how I want to see my life--good, adventure-filled, and best-yet, not regrettable.

Stay tuned for the 2013 post!

Much love & peace to you,


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