Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Steps to Smokin' Purple

  1. Okay, so I started with Urban Decay Primer potion.
  2. Then after blended, I added a bright blue eye crayon color, which is from Color Impact. Blended this out with a fluffy square brush from a no-name brand off of ebay.
  3. Onto the outer portion of my lid, I added a warm red-plum color from a Giovi 48 color palette. It has a satin finish.
  4. Next, I applied Jesse's Girl Ultra Violent pigment to the inner corner, softly blending the two colors together in the center of the lid. The brush I used to apply the shadows is the Bare Escentuals Tapered Eyeshadow brush.
  5. Taking my favorite flesh-toned color from the same Giovi palette, I brushed this to my brow bone which blended out the harshness of the purples.
  6. I applied lavender, from the same palette, and applied it into the crease and up to part of my brow bone for a little extra depth. I applied this with the tapered brush. 
  7. To define my crease, I took a midnight blue color and outlined my 'outer v' and with the tapered brush.
  8. I blended this out by taking the flesh tone back to the brow bone, and then the lavender color just over the top to blend the two colors together slightly.
  9. I used a large blush brush to wipe away any fallout from my loose pigments.
  10. To my lower lashline, I applied Jesse's Girl kohl eyeliner pencil in Grape Expectations.
  11. To my waterline, I applied Jordana Color Extend kohl eyeliner in Morning Coffee.
  12. I wanted my upper lash line to stand out and look fuller, so I applied Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner in Black, by Wet 'N Wild, using a very small artist's detailing brush (you can find these at any art supply store).
  13. Because I needed a good adherent for my glitter, I used Hot Topic's Glitter Liner in a fuchsia color.
  14. Over the top, I applied loose purple glitter, called Jesse's Girl Sparklers (this one is in the light purple shade).
  15. I went back with the flesh-toned color and blended a little more the lines of the purple so it would look more dimensional and not so flat. 
  16. The mascara I used is a sample size of Benefit's Bad Gal Lash. 
  17. Taking a stiff blush brush, I swept away the fallout from the glitter and pigments.
  18. I filled in my lashes using a light brown in the Giovi palette and an angled liner brush. These work so well for the eyebrows!
  19. I don't have the name of the blush I used as it came from a make-up kit from a gift someone gave me a long time ago, but it is a reddish pink color with bronzing effects. I applied this using the same stiff blush brush and applied it to the apples of my cheeks and into my temple.
  20. I lined my lips with Mac's Rosebound and used Benefit's Satin Snap lipcolor. (I think this is DC'd now).
  21. For extra shine and the pinking pigmentation effects, I added a small coating of Avon's Blooming Pout lip gloss. This has a plumping agent in it as well. It feels really fizzy in a way.


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