Friday, April 22, 2011

Bionic Makeup

Just as a quick post, I wanted to show you all an interesting makeup concept I came up with:


A new mini-series I am working on for high fashion and editorial makeup. This is a little new to me as I am not super experienced with it, but I thought I would have fun with it nonetheless.

Don't mind the watermarks; it's
so no one can steal my hard work!^.^

I aspire to have more models other than myself, and in so doing, create a photographic portfolio for both editorial photography, as well as makeup. To some of you dedicated followers, you may or may not like some of the styles I come up with, but regardless, I am only experimenting, after all, isn't that what art is? Taking reality and making it your own imaginative version? Before you get your panties in a twist worrying about my original content, you have no need to fret. You will still be able to find me doing tutorial videos for the makeup looks I've dedicated my channel into creating...just the same, so no worries! =D I'm just broadening my horizons here. =D
So this is the latest creation. I'm not sure if I like it...and I have not at all edited the photo, so bear that in mind.

Here is the type of quality I aspire to create some day: (no none of the following is my work, sadly to say:)

So now I leave you all...Bionic makeup in mind, let me know what you think!

Pink, green, and yellow eyeshadows,

Your Emmy

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