Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Action! Action! Read All About It!

Greetings, my favorite friends. I hope that you are all doing great! I have been doing well...busy as ever. That would explain my absence from updating this blog, of course. I have been meaning to write a mini-review on an incredibly artistic rendering of the Bible that my roommate recently purchased...Not only does it include easy-to-understand explanations/scriptures, but it also piques the interests of a younger generation that may not be as easily excited into reading the Bible. 

Maybe you have seen it or heard about it? It's called The Action Bible: God's Redemptive Story.

And it's just that...a big story book made into a comic/action manga/comic book! How fascinating and innovative is that?! Here's a picture of it:

It was illustrated by Sergio Cariello, who masterfully is known for his work with DC Comics and Marvel. This monster book boasts 750 full-colored pages going through the stories and parables in the Bible. I love it! My roommate's 11-year-old daughter gravitated to it and kept thumbing through it, soaking up the amazing artistry and learning all about the Biblical principles that maybe aren't so attractive to read about for the non-reader.

I have included some pictures of random stories/pages of this incredible book for your viewing pleasure: (click on a picture to enlarge it).

As you can see, there are so many appealing things about this Bible. It is meant to be a learning tool for those who may have a harder time envisioning the Bible in a picturesque or imaginative way. I must state, though, that if you bring this Bible to church with you, you won't be able to locate scriptures as you would in a standard Bible. This particular book is categorized by stories, and each particular story is based off of the scriptural references from the standard Bible format. For example, if you were trying to locate John 3:16, you wouldn't be able to flip through pages to find the book of John. Instead, you would look through the table of contents, find the scripture reference and locate the story that derives from John. This isn't a devotions book either. It isn't a self-help, or self-guiding Bible, but merely a book that brings the stories to life in pictures and breaks them down for ease of reading.

It is great to look through when you don't fully understand something or you are especially interested in visualizing one of the Biblical principles/books you've been struggling with. 

For study and for church reasons, you will still need to keep your standard Bible. But for fun and lighter reading, enjoy The Action Bible. Here's a video I found that shows how truly awesome this is for family life: 

My roommate found this book at WalMart for $25. It is available online for less...check out Amazon.com, where I have seen a listing for $14. 

What do you think of it?

Let me know!

With a Ka-Pow, Boom, Thwack!,

Your Emmy.

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