Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beautiful Life

I decided I wanted to share some beauty with you--no, not cosmetics or glamour, but real beauty from the world--from amazingly artistic minds that saw beauty, captured it, and were inspired to share it with the rest of us:  (No, none of the pictures are my work, but I wanted to share them with you regardless. =])

The cutest little bunch of birdies! (Photo by Stephen ...?)

Whoever thought an ant would be so pretty? (Vincentius Ferdinand)

Isn't this just gorgeous?! (Photo by Y2-hiro)

This is so cool!! (Photo by


Oh my goodness. I love the color! Simply incredible!

Oh look how pretty!

This reminds me of where I grew up in Montana... =)

Now this is the town I grew up in, in Montana... This is Flathead Lake. (photo not mine)

Looking south--Those are the beautiful Mission Mountains--it's how I knew I was home whenever we came back on a road trip. (photo not mine)

An aerial view of the little town I used to live in...
Used to pass this on the highway all the time--it's one of the most photographed barns in see why? =)

I look at photos like these and remember how much beauty there is in this world...God created such wonders. It's nice to visually see His love!

Here's hoping you all feel inspired to find beauty in everything...

About to curl up and fall asleep with a cuddly, fur-baby kitty,
Your Emmy.

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