Monday, November 22, 2010

"Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful"

It's snowing outside! The first snowfall of the magical. I don't like it when it snows for the most part because while it is super pretty, it isn't a practical thing. I'm all about practicality. Snow isn't practical...haha.
Not my own picture, but borrowed. =)

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to church as usual and directed the camera crew during the service...much fun, and the first time I've ever done it by myself. Woohoo! After service, we had our Thanksgiving Banquet Potluck...there were about 150-200 people there and it was so much fun. When asked what I am thankful for this season, I've got to say that I am so very grateful for my church family. Each person there is wonderful and I care so much for each and every one of them! Just as we were beginning to wrap up the feast, it began to snow...very lightly...not sticking, but snowing just the same. I recorded a few clips. It snowed for the rest of the day...mostly not sticking, but I felt like it was a magical way to end such a splendid Sunday. I love spending time with my family and friends. My church is my extended family, but I consider the members to be so much closer to me than my real family. I spend more time with them and each person is so special. My heart is full of joy whenever I think about them...I know I belong--don't have to fight hard to fit in...I can be myself. I don't feel condemnation nor judgment, hostility or a false spirit. Our church has the fire--the passion inside--the warmth and the kindness to be my family, and that is all I could ever need. So when the weather is so frightful (life is being rough), the fire is delightful (inside the House of the Lord...I delight in Him) and since I've got no where else to go, Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...I have shelter and refuge. Bring it on! haha

Lots of hot chocolate and a warm fire,


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