Monday, November 8, 2010

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Enemy? Not me!

Today I realized just how much that enemy is stealing from us...lives around us of the people we love, to finding ways to interrupt our paths for God. We cannot let him win. He is a loser and he knows it! He tries in so many ways to break us spirit, in body, in heart, and in mind. He has attacked my mind ever since I was a little girl, but it took me so very long to recognize him. Those thoughts that I thought belonged to me were lies from the enemy. He continues to attack me through depression and anxiety...But I now know that there is a greater power that can overcome that. He is eternal love. His name is Jesus, and His spirit lives on in me. I can conquer anything because He said I can. He gave us that power. So whenever you feel that you cannot make it through, remember that love is the strongest weapon you have. God's love sanctifies all of us. We live in Him, and He in one and nothing can desytroy Him. Let Him shelter you when it is raining; let Him carry you when you are weak; let Him be the image you see in the mirror. You are worthy to be loved and are loved. If you are reading this and I do not know you in person, know that someone always thinking of you, hoping for you, praying for you...Jesus saves and I love you because of Him. He is in you...just look for Him in everything, and you will find Him. He is not hidden. The enemy wants you to think that. Do not let Satan steal your joy!

You are an overcomer. If I can get through each and every day, you can too! One life. We are the one life that changes others. You make a difference. Instill that into your mind, into your heart.

I hope that where ever you are in your day, you feel warmth and peace. Deep peace.

Deep peace and love,


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