Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gusts Beneath Your Feet...Climbing the Mountain

One day, alongside the country road I walked, hoping to never stop and to keep wandering miles away from home, and my mind was wandering off into a far away land of nothing, and my heart on my sleeve, tears pouring down my puffy face. As I reflect now, I do not remember what it was I cried about, but only of why it affected me so deeply. As I look into my life in the present moment, I find myself still working out some of the little kinks that are messing up the Plan....

You know, the plan that everyone has? The one that says what you're going to do with your life...with whom, when, how, what, what, what! If you are complacent with that thought or even argumentative, I will argue back and state that everyone has had the Plan before, even if it was briefly for when we were little children. We all have dreams and desires to do something, and because we are somewhat orderly, we put it together in a schedule, a plan, in something practical because it makes it easier to picture abstract time in this way. We are forward thinking and strive for those heart wishes to become reality...

However, we have one personal obstacle: ourselves. Yes, we have enemies and forces that attack us, but those cannot overwhelm us unless we let them. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Well, to this I reply: No one has authority over you, nor can they hinder you unless you hand the reins over... Yes!

Remember how I referred to our living selves as stagecoaches? (Read here for more information) Your mind is the driver of your stagecoach (or your body). Your driver is the one who controls the coach and horses, and directs the path you go down. But if your mind (the driver) is impaired, completely inebriated with the trials, with the hurt, the cloudy thinking, the stagecoach is unstable, as would a car be if the driver were intoxicated--the body is unable to function and go down the right path, the passengers inside (your heart and spirit) are affected and shaken up...everything is completely unbalanced. Sometimes this results in outside sources needing to step in and influence you--both bad and good.

Sometimes we have imbalance and we don't realize it because we're so used to things being the way it is...We've lived with imbalance for so long that we don't know what it is like to be any other way, and we don't recognize that in us. So what do we do then?

Well, here are some ways to identify imbalance in your life...


We all have obstacles, but it's your attitude that makes them something you can overcome. Do you feel overwhelmed, drowning, hopeless, or overly anxious? When this happens, you can find yourself lost in a clutter of too many thoughts, fear, self-deprivation...anything really. Do you attack problems head on or do you cower under the covers in bed? If you attack them head on, do you feel as though your attempts are futile or are they overzealous?

Fear not! In this Mental Health portion of the Living, Loving, Laughing series, I will address many different issues that we face, and how to overcome them with spirituality and love.

Today, I want you to look into the mirror and know that the following is true: "You are strong. When the world overtakes you, I know that you are more powerful than it through God because He willed you to be stronger than this. You can move mountains because He will move them with you. But if the mountain doesn't move, and I promise this will happen, you must climb it and stand on its peak, looking forward and know that this mountain is under your feet, as it should be... It will be UNDER your feet.

The enemy will be under your feet. Isaiah 40:31 says, "...but they that wait for Jehovah shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint." How can you fear now? You will fly or you will run and/or walk up that mountain when you cannot move it...This is a promise from God. Isn't that awesome?

Today, just keep thinking about your strength. Let your mind rest with God and don't let it wander off into the dry desert to find Satan and his temptations there. He is going to whisper thoughts into your mind...take them into captivity and release them, banishing them and allowing God's mercy to fall on to you.

Today, I write this with a heavy heart because I struggle with mental clarity myself. I let my stagecoach become overcrowded with the wrong passengers...there's only room enough for one spirit, and that's the Spirit of my God! I let the driver get off the path...but no more! He will be fired if he doesn't straighten up! (ha ha ha, I am kidding on this because you cannot "fire" your mind, but you can definitely can go through training to instill peace AND stability in it).  Romans 4:20 says, "Abraham never wavered in believing God's promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God." You, too should have faith, because I have to!

I pray for you all who stumbled onto this page, and if this touches your heart. Keep strong and if you need prayer or have questions, simply send me an email:, and I will surely answer you!

Visions of fluffy clouds and snow capped mountain peaks,


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