Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Blues--Getting them Right!

Due to the massive amounts and types of videos out there, and as I am a newer videographer, I am still trying to come up with my own style of videos that is uniquely me, fun, and obviously not boring.. I am still in discovery mode! =D 

As for this video, I wanted to show you a quick and easy way to get a sultry look using BLUE. Blue can be tricky to wear, especially if you want a bold look without looking like Mimi off of the Drew Carey Show...point taken? I surely hope so. haha

Anyway, here are the products I used in my video:

Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion, original formula. Because this is my own personal product, I take the applicator and directly apply some of the potion onto my eyelids, later using my ring finger to blend it out to my brow bone and under my lower lash line.

Base color: Revlon Matte eyeshadow in Venetion blue. I take a fluffy round tip brush and tap into the shadow very lightly. I tap off most excess and build the color up from a soft layer, to a more intense color on the lid. If you start out with little, you can build it up and add more if you need...otherwise, it is much harder to decrease the intensity after it is stuck to your primer. Softly blend it up to your crease as this will allow more definition with other colors later.

Crease shadowing color: dark grey from a Giovi palette. Using the same fluffy blending brush, sweep this into the crease to create a soft blended out look.

Crease color: shimmery violet from a palette available on Amazon [Profusion palette?]. Using a pencil smudging brush, define your outer v and sweep into the center of the crease...this allows for the colors to blend more smoothly, and the outer v is defined, allowing your eyes to look more dimensional. If you use the pencil brush to blend the purple into the crease, you will get a sharper and more defined shape than if you were to use a fluffy blending brush.

Lid shadows: shimmery silver-blue color from [Profusion?] palette. I switched to a fluffy square blending brush because it allows me to sweep the color from the inner corner to the center of the lid, blending it into the base color and into the crease. shimmery teal from same palette: From the center of the lid, blend upward to the crease, and outward to the outer v shape we defined earlier. Make sure that the colors are blended down to your lash line.

It may be necessary to go back in and add a little more color to the crease (same purple) if it had been blended too may also blend the color downward toward your bottom lash line.

Bottom lash line base: plum/violet from Giovi palette. The pencil brush allows for a more precise application of color under your lash line. Smudge it out so you have a light sweep of purple under your eye to tie the look together. Blend it about halfway. sky blue from Giovi palette: On your lower lash line, you want to mirror the colors from your upper lid so the look is uniform. Smudge the blue color from your inner corner to about 1/3 of the way in. Blend it together with the purple for a softer appearance. navy blue from Giovi palette: smudging this near the upper lash line is a lot softer than using a kohl, gel, or liquid liner. It creates a smokey effect, planning ahead for...

Blue false lashes: A generic Halloween brand I got at Wal-Mart. ($4). The look comes together with the super glam lashes. They add an extra sparkle of pizazz to the overall look. Check out my False Lash video here!

Highlight: silvery-white color from the Sephora Color Slim palette (semi-review and tutorial using this palette here) The round-tipped fluffy brush allows a softer blending effect, as well as a more pointed tip to get into more shaped crevices. Brush the light color softly under the brow, down into the blues and purples of the crease. Using a lighter color here detracts the eyes from the constant color and darker hues. It creates an illusion that there is separation from your brows and your lashes, kind of like a "resting point" for your eye. Apply the same shimmery white into the tear duct as this will bring more light into that corner. This gives your eyes more dimension, and another separation of colors.

Eyeliner: Hot Topic glittery purple eyeliner (no name?) Apply this to only your bottom lash line and lightly smudge it out. This adds the pop of color to shape your eyes with the false lashes. I winged it out so that my lash line would appear longer...and, therefore, my eyes look bigger **Pro tip!**

Clean up any messy smudges with a q-tip or cotton pad...

Face... Blush: Maybelline Mineral Blush in True Peach II. Using a large angled brush blush, softly stipple the blush into the apples and then blend upward toward your ears. Lightly dust some on your T-zone (your nose, top of your forehead, and chin) as this will create a very rosy, glowy appearance for your face, which makes it look like you were outside playing in the fluffy snow! I took the large kabuki brush to blend out the blush a little more as it looked really intense. This softens the the color so it is more natural looking. Contour: Stila Bronzer in Shade 1. The kabuki brush is larger so that it blends a lot more softly--which I preferred in using the bronzing shade just under the apples of my cheeks. This shades lightly giving dimension without using a harsh color. Buff this into the hollows of your cheeks (you'll see them by making the ever-lovely fish face! hahaha)

Lips: Covergirl Outlast Limited Edition Lipstick in Silver Lining: This color adds a pop of shimmer to the lips without distracting from the powerful eyes. No gloss required! =)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it for you! 
Have a happy, safe holiday...

Sparkly wrapped presents and hot apple cider, 


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