Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dreaming. Doing, Daring to Achieve

I do apologize greatly for not updating my blog with the series I am working on, nor the general quick updates...I have started school again for the quarter, have not been feeling well, and to top that off I am very busy planning things...yes, BIG things. =)

If any of you are subscribed to my YouTube channel or regularly watch any of my videos there, you'll know that I have planned a very big "Resolving to Change" series that will continue on for the entire year. In this series, I upload many different videos with several kinds of content...ranging from weight loss, make-up tutorials, to crafts, goals, vlogs and updates on my life, etc. I have such high aspirations for this year and hope that I can achieve them...

See the power....?!?!
No, I don't just hope, I KNOW I will achieve them because there is a greater power that rests within me, and He says that I can do all things with Him. How's that for an amazing inspiration? How can I fail when He is guiding me step by step?

So, here is a schedule of my video uploads, just so you can get a general idea of when I try to upload them...

Sunday  Weight Loss updates
Tuesday Crafts, cooking, or etc.
Thursday Health, etc.
Friday Makeup Tutorials

Once a month, I will also upload a "Dreams Update" video talking about all the goals I have for the New Year, and the steps I've taken to achieve them. =)

Then again, this schedule is bound to change...depending on my workload at school, and other commitments. 

As for my blog, I have weekly plans for it as well:

Sunday  (upload of weight loss video--broken down into blog form)
Tuesday (recipe or new craft idea, etc.)
Wednesday LLL series update, or other similar post
Friday (upload of make up tutorial--product information & techniques)

And, if anything else strikes my fancy, I will upload that too. =)

Where the magic happens...
my handy "dream diary"
Thank you all for supporting my passion to share my hobbies, interests, and dreams with you. I hope that you are doing well with your New Year's Resolutions...keep going! Plan, Do, Succeed! Don't let anything stop are loved in the biggest way imaginable, and are so very cherished. You are so worth it! Show the world what you've got...and don't be afraid. This year, I'm letting fear go. It has no place in my life. If I want to live out my dreams, I cannot have fear. 

Lots of blank, empty pages to write out your dreamy life...and the pretty little gel pens to fill the pages with,


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