Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eye candy for the made up girl

Purple is an amazing color--deep and sophisticated, but offbeat at the same time, and paired with my dark eyes, I feel very royal. Over the past year or so, I've become a dedicated make-up junkie, reportedly in and out of Sephora and Macy's, stopping at several make-up counters to sample and buy products. I'm notorious for spending several minutes at the drugstore just looking at different products from different product lines. I've even begun to make Youtube video tutorials on how to create certain looks. Of course this will pick up more when I have a better camera or at the very least a decent microphone. 

The title of this piece is called "Haul," which is not what I'm talking about specifically. Why, you may ask, is that the name of this blog. Well, to answer, a haul is a basic overview of products and services recently purchased--somewhat of a mini-review, although not quite extensive as a full review. 

This evening, I am going to share with you some of the products I've recently purchased, and let you in on how they measure up in quality. Enjoy!

1. I've heard a lot of great things about the Jesse's Girl make up line, which is sold exclusively at Rite Aid. Julieg713 of Youtube, a fabulous make-up guru and artist, uses a lot of Jesse's Girl products and raves about them. I decided to try them--especially since they are far less expensive than Mac and Urban Decay. I purchased five products--to go for a sultry purple look I've been trying to create. 

A. Eye dust pigment in Ultra Violet. This fierce color is amazing! You get 2.5 grams for $4, and for its quality, it gives Mac and UD a run for their money--almost. The pigmentation is awesome. The color is gorgeous; it isn't overly shimmery or heavy. It has a lightweight feel and for a pigment, is very smooth and fine. It doesn't have the exact same velvety finish as UD, but it does have a satiny feel. I look forward to buying more pigments.

B. Creme Eyeshadow in After Midnight. I wasn't very impressed with this product as much as I have been with the Wet 'N Wild version (in an eye crayon). The color is fabulous, but the consistency is a bit greasy to touch, and unless you use an eye primer first, it will cake and crease, which happens a lot when you have a slight hood to your eye like I do. As far as blending, it blends well, but loses its pigmentation. I purchased this creme shadow to be a base and primer for the Ultra Vitolet pigment, but it didn't work out to my liking. I didn't use my favorite UD Primer Potion, because I was going for a darker look. I think the cream shadow will be well suited for a liner and not as a shadow. This product is also $4, so it isn't expensive. I was a bit disappointed though.

C. Kohl Eyeliner Pencils in Silver Frost and Grape Expectations. What can I say other than WOW? I love their eyeliners! Most eyeliners I try don't have very good pigmentation, nor do they apply smoothly. I am in l-o-v-e. First of all, the most expensive eyeliner pencil I have is from L'Oreal--for $7. Not too expensive. At Sephora, I go to the UD section and their pencils are $18 each, a hefty price tag for a simple pencil. I will not spend that much money on a pencil, period, regardless of their brand name and quality. These Jesse's Girl pencils have a very similar formula, and the consistency is amazing. The silver one shows up on my light skin very well, and the purple is brilliant. I've used it already and needless to say, I found my new favorite brand--and at a bargain price of only $2 per pencil, I have a new eyeliner partner for life! Not to mention that the packaging is consumer friendly--each pencil comes with a handy pencil sharpener lid!

D. Sparklers in Lilac.  The packaging is a little different than any other glitter product I've tried. It's a double sided tube that comes with a clear gloss with a sponge-tip applicator, and the other side is the loose glitter. The applicator for the glitter is awkward--short and stubby. I prefer a brush or cotton swab regardless, but I would have hoped for an easier application wand. I haven't had a chance to utilize this product to the fullest of its versatility, but swatching it on my hand did dazzle me, no pun intended. I applied the clear gloss and let it sit for a few seconds then applied the glitter. I rubbed it down a few moments after it dried and to my amazement, it didn't smear, nor did it lose sparkles. I look forward to trying this out with other colors, and on my eyes. This product is $4.99 and comes with 1 gram each gloss and glitter.


2. The next product line I tried is a Hard Candy mascara. I was quite hesitant to try it, due to a previous disappointment with their mascaras, but it is a new line and a different formula, so I wanted to try it one more time. The product I got is called 1,000 Lashes-Fiberized Lash Weave Mascara in Lush Green. Yes, this is a colored mascara in a really pretty neon shamrock color. And it has fibers, which are meant to fill out and volumize one's lashes. I tried this out the other day, not using a base black underneath. I was quite impressed with the color. The green really popped! However, the fibers didn't astound me one bit. I already have full lashes, but it's the length they lack. The fibers didn't really add any extra perk to my lashes, but aside from this, I think that this addition to the formula is what makes the color pop out. Another upside is that during my 12 hour run with it, it never once flaked and removal was a breeze (using a baby wipe). This product is sold at Walmart for $6. I recommend this line if you are looking for an extra pizazz to your normal eye look.

3. The final product that I purchased lately is a Kat Von D.  Autograph Liquid Liner. I normally do not wear liquid eyeliner, unless applying false eyelashes, which is also rare on its own. The color I got is called Love Metal. The packaging is beautiful and goes well with the profession she is in. The screw-top is engraved with silver-lined roses, resembling tattoos. Very chic. The silvery consistency is great and I really like the shimmer. It doesn't fade and crease, nor does it flake. Its brush is thin, but not as fine as a pen  liner. I bought this product when it was half off, so I shelled out $9 for it at Sephora, where her line is sold exclusively (for now). I probably won't buy another liner from her brand unless they are on sale because again, they come with a hefty price tag. This liner is great for a special cat-eye look, to even just a little sparkle on a work-day (just don't go overboard!).

Well, that is it for my haul/review. Thank you for reading. If you disagree with any of my reviews or think you would like me to write a review on any other line, please let me know and I'll see what I can do! Auf wiedesehen for the evening, and have a Bellezza day! Ciao!

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