Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We all manage to set goals at the beginning of each year, hoping to finally accomplish each one and keep that motivation. Well, as of today, June 23, 2010--precisely six months, 23 days, and 13 hours and nine minutes since the new year, how many people have adhered to their goals and actually accomplished them? 

Me? I didn't set these goals, but I do have a mindset to plan out my year, starting on every birthday. Obviously my birthday has come and gone, and since it is in amidst the chaos of the new year (beginning of February), it does have a tinge of New Year's Resolution, and, therefore, is far easier to break.

Starting today, June 23, the day my dad was born, 52 years ago, I am pledging to finally master this thing called life and move forward, NO, not backwards, sideways, nor crooked, but onward to achieving my dreams. What kind of goals might I want to set for myself? Some would say weight loss, work promotions, financial steadiness, getting healthy...

I say living. This year, I pledge to have adventures and to enjoy my youth. I will take thousands of pictures, commemorating my experiences, share that time with family and friends. I will travel, and not let my financial imperfections suck me down to oblivion. I will try new things--recipes, crafts, art, music, and charities. Oh I would love to work with charity! 

My lifelong goal is to be the opposite of my grandma--completely opposite. Sadly, a lot of the curve-balls life threw to her really broke her spirit over the years. My mom told me that she used to laugh all the time, but I never once heard her laugh in the way my mom described. Apparently she used to be like me...or rather, I am like how she used to be...big belly laughs, goofy, and funny. I vow to never let that happen to myself. I will never be bitter. I will always be happy and cheerful...okay, maybe not always, but I will always TRY to make that choice. Again, happiness is a choice, not a mood. I want to be one of those odd old people that everyone loves talking to because my infectious laughter and crazy stories inspire them. I will have lived a life full of adventure and intrigue! And, above all, I'm going to let God's light show through me...that's the biggest inspiration!

So what does that mean? For the remainder of this year (my 21st year, to be exact) this is what I'm going to do:

1. Continue doing the things I love: Church, choir, creating make-up tutorials for YouTube, writing my blog, social networking through Facebook and Twitter, and  reading!

2. Try something new: I watched Julie and Julia a few weeks ago, and that helped inspire me to commit to the make-up tutorials and blogging my reviews of products here on Blogspot. That, and my awesome friend Kayla helped remold my thinking of blogs in general, as I've had one before, but didn't commit to it at all...(seems so similar in many forms...). So what am I going to try? 

~I think I'll buy that Julia Child Cookbook and try making some of those recipes...mmm.
~New job--I've applied for a different kind of job...floral arrangements! And bakery...and caring for autistic teenagers! I want something where I can use my creativity and move around...
~Build new kingdoms: A. Contribute to a women's ministry at my church. B. Successfully organize a fundraiser event for the [upcoming] choir trip to Ireland/Scotland. C. Starting a fundraiser, thanks to!
~Travel. I make so many promises to visit people...and I really, really, really want to! I do! I need to go to Garberville, CA, to visit my great grandpa; to Salem/Albany, ,to visit two of my good friends; Polson/Ronan/Seeley Lake, MT, to visit friends and family; Denver, CO to visit my grammy, auntie, and cousins; Hot Springs, AR, to visit my bestie Tara, with whom I've conspired to stay in the luxe haunted hotel and go to the spa!

3. Expand my existing empire. I already have a lot going in my life, which is amazing that I am doing this well. Screw bipolarity. I've got one hand on me that keeps me going--God's. He gives me the grace and ability to do what I do, and I've got an inkling that He is pushing me to do more....

~Singing--I will finally muster up the courage to take voice lessons! Not that I absolutely need them or anything, it's just that I want to expand the vocal range and characters of my voice. Yes, characters. From classical and opera to jazz! Also building up courage, I will finally go back to Gandhi's and get my butt up on that mini-stage and sing my favorite songs with Hoffman Entertainment Karaoke... I figure that one of my anonymous besties, who cannot carry a tune to even finish this cliche, would attempt karaoke, I should, especially since I do have half a decent voice...This will build my courage up for an even greater endeavor. This endeavor will bring me to edification and God's glory as I want to grow in the Worship ministry. Shyness, be gone with you!
~Photography. I have a better camera now...might as well use it! I found a couple contests out there, so I'm just going to have fun with my hobbies.
~Design. I've had this idea for years that I want to revolutionize the world's outlook on thriftiness and frugality, and combine it with the Green know what this means? Rags to wonders, trash to treasures...and so on. What is one of the things that everybody likes about thrift stores? To answer, it is scavenging through the boxes of unwanted things and finding treasures and fun, quirky things. Flea markets and yard sales...everything we love about them is going to be the height of my idea...but instead of household objects and such, I'm going to be focusing on the softline approach instead. My retail readers would appreciate where I'm going with this--softline=clothing. Stay tuned for more word about how I'm going to revamp and revolutionize Fashion...couture. Glamour.
~Art. I have a poetic collage I started painting and piecing together about two years ago but it sits unfinished on a shelf looking down at me everyday until I decide to finish it. I will! and then I'll look for new projects! bwahaha. 

I feel chipper! And that's it for now! I must get ready for church so I can go to Worship practice and sing my big heart out. Enjoy the bellezza of the moment and behold the treasures of each day. Ciao! <3<3

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