Friday, September 24, 2010

Live, Laugh, Love: A New Series on Living

Live. Laugh. Love.

These are three important L's of LIFE.

Living It Fully, Effectively.
That's what I think life is about. Living a full life depends on what each person desires to accomplish. For example, for some, having a roof, food, warmth, and a friend, is all he or she needs; for others, life may not be full until there are extravagant excursions to exotic places, friends and family, a nice can imagine what sorts of things people love. What desires do you have for your life? What is a life well-lived?

For me, I think a life well lived is obtained by following the three L's: Living, Laughing, and Loving.

How do you know if you're following this code of life?

To live fully and actually have life means you have your health first and foremost. Without your health, you cannot possibly expect to enjoy anything else in your life. You must be healthy. I believe that there are a few different areas of your life that require good health, but the most important area is your spirituality. When your spirit is healthy, you have a drive and a reason to get up in the morning and push through each and every day. If you are a Spirit-filled person, whether or not you believe in the Holy Spirit given from God, you have an essence of life that only comes from within. It's what makes you so different from the other creatures in this world. We were made to be special. Your spirit makes you so very unique, and, therefore, special.

To have full spiritual health, one must be able to nurture the spirit--feed it, water it, exercise it regularly! It is the first child you have--yourself. I know this may sound a little odd, but you must think of your spirit as a child. We must provide such loving care of it and provide a safe environment for it to grow.

I want to begin a little series on how to have a full life and Live It Fully, Effectively. I will concentrate on the different ways to follow the three L's, beginning with the first L: Living.

1. Health of the spirit comes first and foremost. When the spirit is healthy, your overall life situation is uplifted, and everything else will follow suit.
2. Mentality follows closely behind spirituality. You cannot live fully until you have a grip over your view of the world. If your mind is sick, the rest of your body isn't going to feel well.
3. Physical health is also very important. Without your body working properly, you really don't have much else.

These three areas of health are not the only areas, but they are the three closely related areas that intertwine together to make up your person, affecting each other immensely. The next blog in this series will focus greatly on Spiritual health and how to accomplish this. I will provide different exercises and many great resources to help you, which are tried and true (mainly by ME!).

“A limit on what you will do puts a limit on what you can do.”

Remember, anything is possible. Just live with purpose.
Remember that there is beauty in this world. Start with yourself.
You are beautiful. You are unique and most importantly, you are special to someone out there!
Have a wonderful day, where ever you are in your day!
Yours truly,

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