Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Am I Up To?!

Crazy to say, but I've been busy with life. Hahaha. What else is new? Things that have been going on in my life are events such as moving, being in the hospital for headaches and other issues (I'm fine now!) registering for school, my car breaking down and selling it, and yadi yadi yada.

So this post is a semi-update for all of you who are interested. I am researching a bunch of make-up and prosthetics for Halloween so that I can film a bunch of fun tutorial videos. Yay! I'm almost three weeks behind on it because I've been so uber busy and not to mention that my computer decided that it wanted to take a pooper. So right now I'm using someone else's computer. Eventually I am going to get a hard drive case so that I can access all the stuff I need to from this computer, which will allow me to upload EDITED videos again!

And whats more, I'm beginning to move forward with this make-up artistry. For example, I just created a Model Mayhem account and have an Etsy account (with nothing posted to sell yet). Soon I hope to busy singing (I'm registered for two choirs this quarter), marketing, creating jewelry and hair accessories, possibly planning fundraisers (for a choir tour to Ireland and Scotland in the spring), crocheting scarves and other winter accessories, to (attempt) knitting for the first time, and the women's ministry at my church. Oh yes, and possibly creating Christmas decorations...but we will see if I have the time/space.

So for now, here are my short term goals (business wise) =] which I want completed by November 1.

--> Complete at least five Halloween videos to upload (and I'll post them here, on Twitter, and on Facebook)
--> Build a webpage for my company, Bellezza di Vita (if you haven't, "Like" it on Facebook!)
--> Help plan more events for a new Women's Ministry at church
--> Crochet at least five scarves (to sell) and upload to Etsy
--> Complete the beaded bracelets and upload pictures to Etsy

So these things are the only ones that seem reasonable for a short time period of two months, and for now, these goals will suffice. 

So, for now, take care and enjoy the bellezza of the season! Happy schooling. =]

And don't forget to check out my latest make up video, Vivid Dreams: Teal and Purple:

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