Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunny day in more way than just One!

So, in my last blog, I mentioned some of the goals I want to achieve before October 31st. This is a sort-of update on those goals--well, more of a commentary...


I wish I could say I did this beautiful work!
All my stuff is cluttered in my storage unit and, therefore, I don't have access to it all; however, I have pulled small things out and started crocheting again. The first thing I crocheted was actually a gift for a dear friend, a soft red it doesn't count! haha. Due to school beginning again and me being more involved with church (or at least trying to be) I have found it more difficult to find the time to do anything extracurricular. I will take photos to show you what I have accomplished...once they are complete. 

Already there are so many holiday items out on store shelves, from Halloween, to Thanksgiving, and Christmas! I feel like the retail boom is shoving it down my throat and I already feel anxious about trying to get everything taken care of before the mad rush, and it seems as though every year we start the holiday boom much earlier than the previous year. Am I the only one who thinks this?

Probably not. 

This is what I need.
Now that I have a computer to access at my school, (my computer is still down for the counts) I will be able to upload videos again. I haven't tried using this version of Windows Movie Maker before, so if it doesn't accept my video format, I will just have to purchase a SATA external hard drive case and try my luck with booting my system up on one of these computers. ...eeks. 

Crazy typing (no that isn't me)!
In the mean time, I am enjoying choir again and moving forward with vocal progression. You can never move any other way! God is good and He is pushing me forward and upward, so keep an eye out for my updates! I'll have more access now, as I stated before, which means that I will update everything more often. Hopefully it won't be too often ;-)

~~TaTa for now!

Ciao and have a Bella Day!

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