Thursday, October 14, 2010

Armed and Ready! Mindful Thoughts.

The world is an interesting place, full of enchantment and intrigue. In the world, there are always places to go, places to see, new experiences, but yet, sometimes these experiences do not make for a very safe journey. You become worldly, which is fine as far as some extents go, but worldly in a Bible sense is not such a safe thing.

So what makes for a worldly experience?

Well, let's just use logic for a moment. If being worldly isn't very safe, let's define what safety is NOT. 

~~Safety is not taking life-threatening risks that will kill you spiritually~~

What does that mean exactly?

Well, to put it plainly and simply, if you choose to be around negative influences, be them people who choose a lifestyle that isn't healthy, places and things that make you feel anxious or unsteady, experiences that you know you'll regret, or even getting caught up in the craziness that you forget who you are, then you'll likely find yourself in a bad place...!

The most important thing in safety is your mind. Your mind controls your every action--if you let thoughts in that do not belong, then chances are, you'll start recreating your thought processes to be similar to those influences you need to stray away from...A lot of those thoughts have similar personality traits: whiny, self-depraving, side-tracking.

For example, "Today is awful."

"I wish I were skinnier."

"Why do I have to do this?"

"I'm going to put that off until...I feel like it."

"I don't like that."


"What if...?"

Instead, we should think about what we're thinking. Yes, I said it, THINK about what you're THINKING.

Sometimes it's easy to let our minds wander far, far away and all of a sudden the blue car that reminded you of your old car, which reminded you of a certain boyfriend, which reminded you of a specific argument, which reminded you of your anger...gets into your mind. I'm not saying it's bad to let loose and put aside the junk of the world and not think about the negative, but if you're not careful, your side-tracked mind will wander into dangerous areas. 

The Bible says, "We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ." (2 Corinthians 10:5, New American Standard). Basically, if we control our thoughts, we destroy the thoughts that would otherwise destroy us...

So let me show you how to retrain your mind's thinking a little bit...

"Today is awful."     Instead, try, "So far this day hasn't been good, but I'm going to make it better!"

"I wish I were skinnier."    Try, "I may not be as thin as that woman, but man, I've got a great set of legs! or butt, or a beautiful smile!" (any others work too!)

"I don't want to do this..why do I have to?"    Try, "Well, if I have to, I suppose I should, but would you explain to me how I should do it, or what the importance is so I can do this better?"

"I'm going to put that off until...I feel like it."  Try, "I am tired/overwhelmed/struggling...but if I put it aside too long, I will not get it completed in time. If I get it done now, I can treat myself!"

"I don't like that."  "I don't like it now, but maybe if I try it I will..."

"But...!"  "But what? But isn't an excuse or an argument. Maybe we should try it this way?"

"What if...?"   "If I go down that road, I know I'm going to end up back in the rut I was in before. Let's take the woulda-coulda-shouldas and flush them down the toilet. I live in the now and what I can do today. I'm going to finish this project today!"

Maybe some of these examples don't quite mesh with your daily obstacles; however, I find that you can use my example to change your thinking. Who knows? Someday you might be the person everyone talks to because you have such a positive attitude! You'll be armed against the enemy, and that is the safest way to approach life: Armed and Ready! (A smile is an awesome weapon against those who love the doldrums.)

If you have any other examples or questions about something you're going through, you can shoot me a message and we'll take a crack at it together! 

I hope you all have a fantastic, mindful day...and enjoy the sunshine! (even if it's hiding behind the rainclouds!)

Have a starry, starry night,

Your Ems.

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